Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It is hard to believe that my little girl is three years old!  Where did the time go? 

For Ellie's third birthday, we had a fun & games party at The Gym at Peachtree Pres.  It was so cute - 2 coaches led Ellie and her friends through relay races, obstacle courses and other fun games.  After an hour of playing hard in the gym, we headed down to the party room for cake.  Ellie loves Dora the Explorer so we decked the room out with Dora decorations and of course, the pièce de résistance was the Dora cake! I'm telling you, there are a ton of fancy schmancy bakeries in Buckhead, but when it comes to a buttercream sheet-cake, it's hard to beat Publix.  Ellie was in heaven.  Luckily, we had presents at home to look forward to or we would have never gotten her out of there! For his part, Walker was a well-behaved little brother throughout the entire party.  He slept through most of it, woke up for a bottle and to see Ellie blow out her candles! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A tale of 2 months and 2 ice storms!

Walker was 2 months old yesterday! He continues to be a big, healthy boy at 14lbs and 7.6oz (95th percentile) and 24.5 inches long (98th percentile).  He is so easy-going, he almost never cries except to let me know he is hungry, he sleeps well and is showing off lots of big smiles these days.

You may have heard that we had a little snow storm in Atlanta 2 weeks ago.  Sam was stuck in his car for close to 8 hours during his commute home from work, but he was a lot luckier than many people, who slept in their cars or in shops and restaurants along the highway.  I can't even begin to tell you what went wrong but I think it was a combination of untreated roads, black ice, and traffic congestion.   Ellie, on the other hand, really enjoyed the snow.  She made 2 mini snowmen, threw countless snowballs, loved leaving footprints in the snow and even made a snow angel.  It was quite a treat for my little southern belle. 

Currently, we are preparing for Snowpocalypse Part Deux.  From the looks of the aisles in Publix, no one is taking any chances this go round!
I have my fingers crossed that the storm won't be as bad as its hype, but we aren't taking any chances!  Wish us luck!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Big News

So, I haven't updated this blog since July - mainly because I was pregnant and exhausted, 2 year old Ellie was keeping me insanely busy, and we decided to sell our house, buy a new one, and move in the middle of everything else! I hardly had time to sit down and when I did, I could not bring myself to do anything more than stare at the tv.  However, it's a new year and we had a beautiful new baby, Walker, and despite the sleep deprivation from having a newborn in the house, I have more energy now than I did while pregnant so I am going to try!

Samuel Walker was born on the 10th of December via planned c-section.  He weighed 8lbs and 13oz at birth and was 20.25 inches long.  This was a repeat caesarian and it went so much smoother than my first.  I arrived at the hospital at 6am and Walker was born at 8:10am.

This photo was taken 3 days before Walker arrived:

Both of these photos were taken on Walker's birthday!

 We spent 4 glorious days being taken care of by the nurses at the hospital and then had an extra special Christmas with lots of family - my parents, my in-laws, cousins and aunts and uncles!

Here we are on  the way home!

Santa was good to Ellie this year and Walker even got on the good list despite only having 15 days to prove his worth!

Ellie is a great big sister - she loves Walker and calls him "my baby."  When she wakes in the morning, she immediately asks, "where is my baby?" In fact, she may be a little over-affectionate!

Walker just had his 1 month check-up and he is a big, healthy boy - he weighs 12 lbs and 12.2 oz and is 23.5 inches long - that makes him 98th percentile for weight and off the charts for height! Whoa!

Things take a little longer these days - I feel very accomplished if I manage to get all 3 of us dressed and out the door in time for preschool - it's the little things, but I can't imagine what we did without Walker for so long!  My cup runneth over.

I will post again soon with all the details of our renovation - oh yeah failed to mention at the top that we not only bought a new house but decided to renovate it too.  I may be insane.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4th of July!

Thought I'd update on 4th of July before we get into August!  We had such a nice time in Sea Island with family and friends!  Ellie and I spent almost 3 full weeks there and Daddy was able to stay for a lot of the time as well.  Ellie LOVES swimming and we have watched her become a stronger swimmer as the summer has progressed.  She's not quite swimming laps but that may not be too far down the road!  Right now she is content to "super jump," which is what we call jumping away from the side of the pool instead of straight up and down and swim under water for about 5 -10 feet.  In addition to swimming, we participated in the annual 4th of July Parade, built some castles and watched the fireworks.

We went out on the boat on afternoon.

Ellie wore her most patriotic outfit for the parade and we decorated her bicycle! 

The Fourth of July party that we attended was basically a dreamworld for children - bounce castles, snow blowers with boogie boards for sledding down small hills, cotton candy, ice cream, sno cones.  Ellie almost exploded with excitement! 

First Sno-Cone!

Up late watching the fireworks: 

Ellie with her 2 cousins - we call this group of cuties "the littles":

Playing on the Beach:

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Big News!  Ellie will be a big sister in December! We will find out the gender when the baby arrives! I am 14 weeks along and feeling good - ready for that 2nd trimester energy boost though! 

There has never been a question that Ellie will be a great big sister but she inspired new confidence in us the other night.  We have had some crazy weather in Atlanta - tons of rain, thunder and lightening.  One of our dogs, Staunton, is terrified of storms.  Sunday night was not a good night for her & she took to hiding in the back corner of Ellie's room to wait out the storm.  That dog is a pitiful sight during a storm - she starts panting and gets in a little ball and just looks sad.  Ellie was in her room playing while all of this was going on and I watched on the video monitor as she tried to read books to Staunton, but what we didn't see until we went in there was that Ellie had tucked her most precious thing, her much adored "Piggie," which is her lovey that she sleeps with every night and is the first thing she wants when she is feeling sad or bad,  in between Staunton's front legs.  So sweet - my little girl has a tender heart and I could not be more proud of her.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

We're back!

Has it really been 2 months since I last posted!  I guess so! Our summer has been busy!  We are going, going, going!

We went to Sea Island for a week in May.  The weather was not great but we had 4 generations under one month since Renie came from Mississippi.  So much fun!

When the weather was nice, we did some biking and explored the village.  Truth be told, we may have been searching for celebrities since Anchorman 2 was filming on St. Simons that week!  We missed them every time - I guess they weren't filming around Ellie's nap schedule.  According to my internet research, they filmed a scene on the pier, a wedding scene on the beach and the cast ate at one of our favorite BBQ joints during the week.  I can't believe we missed them!  Baby Lucy and Annie came down for a few nights too! So much fun!

Of course, we've spent a lot of time at the playground this summer and even found some new playgrounds.  Here, Ellie is at the Dekalb Peachtree Airport playground.  It is awesome - the playground is right beside the runway of a regional airport so the kids can play and watch the planes take off! 

We also found an awesome splash pad at Piedmont Park.  Perfect for hot days!

We've gone to the zoo about 1000 times.  Ellie loves seeing the animals and it is always fun to end with a carousel ride!

We went to Richmond and Washington, DC a few weeks ago.

During our visit, Ellie got her hair trimmed for the first time! Pigtails and Crewcuts has quite the operation - it is expensive for a child's haircut but Ellie loved it - all smiles from my girl!

We visited Maymont Park.  Can you find Ellie peeking?

In DC, we took Ellie to Cactus Cantina for the first time!  This is a place near and dear to our hearts.  Sam worked there during the summer while growing up and my DC apartment was right next door to the restaurant so I spent a lot of time there too!  From the pitchers of margaritas to the sizzling fajitas, this place is the best!

Finally, we went to Sam's 10 year reunion at Princeton last weekend.  It was a blast.  Check out our little tiger!

Each class wears a coordinated costume for the P-rade (parade).  Sam's class theme was a golf theme.  Sam is wearing his golf trousers and shirt but couldn't bear to wear the tall socks and the hat in the heat!

Uncle John came up to celebrate as well!

We are at home for a few weeks now - a welcome respite from a busy start to summer!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Reno. . .

My husband will say "Blame Pinterest."  I don't know what got into me but I had a bee in my bonnet to do  "mini" facelift type project in our kitchen and den area.  We always knew that a little work would make the space more attractive and more functional, and one morning I woke up with more of a sense of urgency than usual.  Why wait, let's fix it so we can enjoy it now, not a year from now!  And to be honest, I think I was right.  We are really enjoying our new space and wondering why we didn't do it even earlier.

They started the work while we were in the Caribbean and finished a few weeks later.  Living through construction is not fun.  Ellie and I really had to get creative on a couple of occasions when the cable was out, the internet was out, the workmen were taking up half the house, & the noise & dust level were out of control.  We survived.  Of course, construction never goes as exactly planned and there were a few surprises.  I can't even go into the details because its over and I am blocking all of the bad surprises from memory.  

Anywho... here is our kitchen/den before the "project."

A small doorway leads into the kitchen from the den:

A giant box/room protrudes into the den.  That is the very sad and terrible laundry room.

The sitting area, which as great windows to the floor but you can't see them because the couch has to  go in front of them.

The kitchen, which we have always liked but it is even better now!

The new view from the den to the kitchen!  We've got a breakfast bar! We had to change out the granite to add the breakfast bar because we could not find a good match for our existing granite.  We went with Black San Gabriel but chose to keep the original Kashmir Gold granite on the island.  I wondered if I would regret going with the two-toned look.  I don't.  I love the contrast!  We also bought a french door fridge with the freezer on the bottom.  I am pretty much in love with it.  You might also notice that we changed the wall color from white to a very pale blue.

And here is the view from the kitchen into the den.  I love that I can see Ellie from the kitchen when she is playing in the den.  That is HUGE!  No more peeking around the corner every few minutes to make sure she isn't in harm's way!  When Sam is home it's fun too - I can talk to him from the kitchen while he sits comfortably in the den!

We are still working on doing some decorating - I think we are going to put a couple of club chairs by the windows at the end of the room and we are going to get a new area rug.  Right now I am just enjoying the improved quality of life afforded by taking down that wall between the living room and den!